Friday, 25 September 2015

Experimenting virtual reality in the classroom with Oculus Rift DK2 and Classroom Browser


Working on solutions for the classroom, we were curious to evaluate the educational value of virtual reality.

We had the following questions:

  • What can we learn within 5 minutes or less with VR?
  • What can we understand within 5 minutes or less with VR?

Based on the feedback from a few teachers using our educational experiences, we created several short scenarios with a focus on the relationship between the students and the teacher during the VR experiment.

Some of our educational VR experiences are available on Oculus Share: Cartoon or Dinosaurs.

Pedagogical aspects

The goal of the experiment is to evaluate if VR has a pedagogical value in the classroom.

For the experiment, the teacher and students stand up and hold a mobile device allowing them to move in the virtual world. The students can see the teacher but not the other students.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Classroom Browser: A safe and seamless, teacher driven browsing experience

This free web browser is dedicated to the classroom to enable a safe and seamless, teacher driven browsing session. For more information: Classroom Browser official site.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

How to create a custom interface for a multi-display workstation: Twitter, Google Map, and remote control

The goal of this project is to create a custom interface for a workstation connected to 6 displays, plus a touch panel from where the user can control what is displayed on the other screens.

Monday, 24 February 2014

EXO UI enables BYOD for corporate use

EXO UI enables BYOD for corporate use by providing:

  • A secure productivity and collaborative area for all the users,

  • A create once deploy to many platform for developers,

  • Management tools for the IT, whatever the device EXO UI is running.

User Experience

What people notice at first use is the responsiveness and how easy it is to interact with the apps, even if it is on a watch.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

BYOD in the classroom

BYOD in the classroom - Realistically

A teacher in a classroom with 35 students using different devices and operating systems.

When teacher support a student unable to download an app, as an IT would do, what will do the 34 other students with full access to apps and Internet on their own devices?

To solve this, EXO UI is a space each student can install on his own device, to be all-together in an area dedicated to assist the teaching and the learning processes, whatever is the curriculum, the methodology, and the technology involved.

Home pages

Students and teacher can customize their home pages and choose the apps they want from the dedicated store.

Apps Factory

Apps Factory allows creation of apps for EXO UI in JavaScript and HTML. Those apps are deployed easily with no consideration of the operating system.

The developer has access to +750 exciting new properties, methods and events directy from JavaScript.

Friday, 21 February 2014

EXO UI Development Kit Private Beta

It is easy and exciting to create EXO apps, and to test them on all your devices from your watch to your TV.

How to register to get access to the private beta:

  • Follow us on twitter, to get the info as soon as available

More info:

Quick overview of EXO UI version 3

EXO U v3 is a powerful and flexible framework that enables you to deliver applications which provide delightful, engaging and intuitive experiences coupled with highly collaborative end user benefits. Beautiful rich applications run quickly and smoothly.

Deliver applications for any operating system and form factor, whether mouse and keyboard or touch screen devices. Applications automatically and intelligently select the optimal network selection making apps productive and easy to use for end users. Let EXO U take care of the hardware and OS challenges, and other networking and data complexities, while you focus on engaging apps for your end users whatever device they choose to bring.
Those qualities makes it a natural choice for BYOD.

Log in screen

Users will be prompted to login which could be via password or PIN code. Administrators or developers will choose the policy including password expiry or ability to cache passwords for easy access.

  • Policies are defined from the admin panel

  • Offline login is supported based on policies

  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) can greatly simplify the log in experience if the user has multiple devices.

Intuitive Home Screen

The home screens provides access to apps and settings.

  • Apps accessible offline and online

  • Consistent UI across multiple devices, OS’s and form factors

  • Rich set of UI objects and icons and templates provided to speed development

  • Extremely fast and latency free GUI to keep user focused and productive

Sharing made simple

Let users select who they want to share with and what they would like to share. Any app, any file, any user, any time.
The user can choose devices, people or groups, then can share the document opened with the current active app.

  • An app will open remotely with the exact same document, and enable live sharing

  • A book will open remotely at the same page number

  • The browser will open remotely with the same link